Sentree Smart ACs

sentree homepage

Sentree is an IoT device developed and distributed by Watsco Ventures and Alert Labs that attaches to ACs, allowing them to report their own vitals to the cloud for further processing. My job was to help develop the web app that reports the live stats of these smart ACs to a dashboard for techs to remotely diagnose issues in realtime.

sentree live gauges

Sentree reports on an AC's moment-to-moment stats like vapor temperature, liquid pressure, current, and more. Sentree is even trained to detect anomalies and offer potential diagnoses. How cool is that?

And now Sentree is making home owners smarter with Sentree Home Owner View

sentree home owner view

Now Sentree is aslo helping homeowners to save with its new Runtime Dashboard. Sentree helps to paint a clearer picture on how you're really using your AC.

Sentree has been a very fun project to work on. Getting to see the many different sides of developing an IoT product has been exciting, and as a solution, Sentree offers value all-around for businesses, homeowners, and the environment.